Saturday, May 19, 2012


Latin Mass in Brunswick-Savannah Diocese

Those of you within the Glynn and McIntosh County parishes who
 would like to join an effort to bring the Traditional Catholic Mass
to our area, join us for an afternoon of discussion at Nativity of
Our Lady Church Hall on 17N in Darien GA on
June 2, 2012 from 2-4 PM.Email @
or call Chris Underwood 19124660093

Monday, May 14, 2012


Help the FSSP send a group of young traditionalists on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Click below for details and help spread the news on this. This is the very first traditional mission trip from the USA to a foreign country.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Savannah Diocese Priest Blogs about FSSP Parish

Father Mc Donald pastor of Saint Josephs in Macon (Savannah Diocese) has posted a nice article and photos of the FSSP church in the Atlanta Diocese.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Southeastern Conference of Summorum Pontificum

Una Voce Northern Alabama is organizing a conference on the 5th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum. It will be Saturday July 1st at Blessed Sacrament Church in Birmingham Alabama. We will post more info as the schedule gets finalized.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


In a few weeks will broadcast its second remote event. Please put it on your calendar, tell your friends, spread the word!
The Priestly Ordinations for Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary will broadcast LIVE from the Cathedral of the Risen Christ, Lincoln, Nebraska, on Saturday May 19th 2012 at 10:00 AM Central Time, (11:00 AM Eastern, 8:00 AM Pacific [1500 GMT/UTC, 1700 Central European Summer Time]), on and iMass. The Priestly Ordinations will be administered by His Excellency Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln Nebraska.
Commentary will be given during the broadcast by Rev. Fr. Calvin Goodwin FSSP. This is an opportunity for many people who have never seen an Ordination (nor may likely ever attend one), to be able to view and unite their hearts to this Holy Sacrament and view this breathtaking ceremony from their homes or mobile devices.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


The SSPX has one chapel in Georgia. The SSPX has asked for prayers. The Holy Father will decide their fate this month. Please join in and ask for the Holy Ghost to guide those involved. Here is the SSPX request:

May 2012

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

A lot of rumors are being spread regarding the relations between the Roman authorities and the Society of St. Pius X. On this regard, I wish to simply remind the communiqué from the General House of the Society of April 18, 2012:

In a letter dated April 17, 2012, the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X responded to the request for clarification that had been made to him on March 16 by Cardinal William Levada concerning the Doctrinal Preamble delivered on September 14, 2011. As the press release dated today from the Ecclesia Dei Commission indicates, the text of this response “will be examined by the dicastery (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) then submitted to the Holy Father for his judgment".

The matter is in the hands of the Holy Father and we are waiting for His decision.

Let us remember that it is to our Superior General, and only to him, that has been entrusted by the law of the Church and the will of Archbishop Lefebvre the delicate task of our relations with Rome. As such, he is the only competent authority to take prudent decisions for our Society. Because of his function and his 18 years of leadership in keeping the Faith and seeking the common good of the Church, we renew to him all our confidence, trust and respectful obedience in this difficult time. Our filial piety to him, as to the Sovereign Pontiff, pushes us to do more than usual in these unusual circumstances: we desire to bring to them the support of all your prayers.

To pray is indeed the most important, and as a matter of fact, the only thing we can do now. I would like to ask you to double your efforts in the Rosary Crusade, which will end on Pentecost Sunday (May 27, 2012), keeping in mind the striking results of the previous ones. I wish also to solicit your generosity in offering a novena to the Holy Ghost.

The intention of this novena will be that the Holy Ghost may give the graces of light and strength to the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, and to the Superior General of the Society, Bishop Fellay.

The novena consists of praying the Veni Creator Spiritus and adding the Memorare (Remember, O Most Gracious Virgin Mary) starting on May 8 and ending on May 16, the vigil of the feast of the Ascension of Our Lord.

I authorize the priests to add these prayers just before or after their daily Mass.

Let us pray that the Good Lord may keep us all united in the Faith and in a corps spirit around our Superior, working for the Restoration of all things in Christ as ever.

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Fr. Arnaud Rostand

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Our International Office in Europe has issued its fith official paper on the position of Una Voce on several issues involing the Traditional Latin Mass. The fith position paper is on the latin vulgate and psalter

The issues that Una Voce is taking a position on are as follows:

The Service of Men and Boys at the Altar
Liturgical Piety and Participation
The Method of Receiving Communion
The Vulgate and Gallican Psalter
Liturgical Orientation

To read the official position of Una Voce on the latin vulgate and psalter click here: