Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Latin Mass in Waycross

Una Voce wishes to thank all those Una Voce members in south Georgia who have worked for the last few months on seeking and organizing a Latin Mass in Waycross. When permission came there was only several days avaialble to organize and get the word out, but things worked out great. Here is a report from an Una Voce member who assistted at the mass:


On December 23, St. Joseph Catholic Church in Waycross hosted its 2nd Tridentine Latin Mass at 6pm.

Everything ran smoothly and the congregation appeared more in tune with this long-suppressed form of the Mass, possibly because there was no shortage of Latin-English missals and the consideration of the celebrant, St. Joseph Pastor, Father Healy. Unlike many priests offering the older rite, Healy often spoke the Latin prayers audibly, allowing congregants to follow the Mass more easily. Fr. Healy’s Latin pronunciation is impeccable and the altar boys were perfectly synchronized with his lead, making for a smooth, flawless service.

Attendance was a bit thinner than the previous Tridentine Mass offered this past summer, but that is not surprising given that the Mass was held on December 23rd at the dinner hour with almost no publicity. Fr. Healy, a gentleman in the best sense of the word, appears only too happy to offer this Mass, and hopefully, will be doing so with more frequency in the future.

To thank Father for this mass please contact him at:

Father Healy
St Josephs Catholic Church
2011Darling Ave
Waycross Ga 31503

912 283-7700

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