Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Accomodations at St Francis de Sales

If you need to find a place to stay when you attend St Francis de Sales in Mableton ( atlanta diocese) for the upcoming Holy Week or for the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Exemplification.

Here are hotels in the area and how far they are from the church:

Efficiency Lodge Inn 770-819-0039 0.5 miles

In Town Suites 770-732-9978 0.7 miles

Efficiency Lodge 770-819-1375 2.5 miles

Suburban Lodges of America 770-739-5990 3.6 miles

Holiday Inn 770-349-8000 3.7 miles

Guest House Motel 770-941-0988 3.8 miles

Knights Inn 770-944-0824 3.8 miles

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