Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Latin Mass in Richmond Hill Not Approved by Bishop

There is a weekly Latin Mass offerred on Sundays in Richmond Hill, however the Savannnah Bishop this week has issued a ruling on this mass. Una Voce wishes to make people aware of this ruling by the Bishop.

Official Notice From the Bishop’s Office

The “Latin Tridentine Mass” being offered at
Christ the King Mission in Richmond Hill on
Sundays is not a Mass authorized by the Catholic
Diocese of Savannah. The celebrant is not part
of the Diocese. Consequently, attendance at this
Mass does not fulfill the obligation to attend
Mass on Sundays


johna said...

I wonder if this is really correct.
Obviously, it might be an illicit Mass, however, isn't possible to fulfill one's Sunday obligation at an illicit Mass? I am speaking of course illicit vs. invalid.

Una Voce of Atlanta said...

An illicit mass does fullfil the obligation. I have no idea who ordained this priest so I can't say if he's legitimate or not.