Thursday, July 8, 2010

Una Voce Georgia to Submit Report to Rome

All chapters of Una Voce around the world have been asked to compile a report on the Latin Mass in their area and send the report in to the international Una Voce Headquarters. The international office is going to combine the reports into one massive worldwide report that will be submitted to the Holy Father at the Vatican. This world wide report is being done on the 3rd anniversary of Summorum Pontificum. This report will be on how effective Summorum Pontificum has been. If you would like any information from your parish included in this report please send it to Una Voce Georgia at

We need to not only include our success in getting the mass but more importantly we need to include those instances where we have been denied our rights to the Latin Mass under Summorum Pontificum. If your parish info is listed on the Una Voce Georgia web page( then we already have your information. If you have info not listed or if you have bad news then we need that as well. The report from Georgia will be submitted by the end of July so get your info turned in.

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