Monday, May 16, 2011

Una Voce Starts in Cuba-Please Help

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends of the Catholic Tradition:

You all well know that the people of Cuba suffer greatly under the difficulties of the current regime. I need not recount the material and spiritual hardships endured since 1959. I am writing on behalf of a group, which, while indeed blessed by God, is even further marginalized. I write on behalf of La Sociedad Pro Misa Latina - Una Voce Cuba (U.V.C. for future reference). This group of Catholics is a chapter of Una Voce in formation in the process of seeking formal recognition and admission by Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce, F.I.U.V.
I am the treasurer for U.V.C. and, though not solely, the spokesman to the English speaking world for U.V.C. Mr. Javier Luis Candelario Dieguez, a resident of Matanzas, Cuba, is the president of U.V.C. and although he does NOT speak very much English, he can be contacted either by email at or by phone, when it is functioning, at 53 - 521356. Mail is currently not sent from the United States to Cuba, and even from other countries its reliability is questionable. While it is best to conduct communication through me, he can confirm details about the organization; so too the formation of U.V.C. can be confirmed with the appropriate officers of F.I.U.V.
In coordination with Una Voce - Miami, San Antonio Maria Claret chapter, I am seeking spiritual and material assistance for the suffering members of U.V.C. The members of U.V.C. are poor. They are mainly parishioners of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Matanzas, Cuba, although there are a few members in Havana, the country’s capital. They have no church or chapel, no chaplain, and few items. Only every so often is a priest able to visit who will offer the Traditional Latin Mass for them. They have been able already to restore the tabernacle in their parish church so that they can pray before and to Jesus, the holy Eucharist, with greater dignity. They are working on getting the local ordinary to offer a priest of the diocese to offer Mass for them.
Still, they need many rather basic items to proceed. They recently received an altar missal of their own as a gift. Their next pressing requests are for a ciborium, altar linens, a large statue of our Lady of Fatima, to whom the president of the chapter has entrusted this work, several d.v.d.s with Spanish sound tracks from the F.S.S.P. to help local priests to learn the Mass, sufficient quantity of material in the various liturgical colors so that some women in the chapter can sow several Mass sets. Some items, such as a chalice, have been pledged but have not yet been received so as to be delivered to Cuba.

- Please Help -

First, I am asking for a prayer for the spread of the traditional liturgy in Cuba. Second, I am asking that you ask yourselves whether you or someone whom you know (Please do forward this email) has affection for, interest in, or connection to Cuba, who would like to help with regular prayers, a monetary donation, or a donation of some items. I know that we all already have duties, and many already give what they can, but from those who have extra, I ask help.

This email address: is for all future communications, whether questions, suggestions, or notice of your prayers, and is also associated with a Paypal account so that funds can be easily received. Monetary donations and appropriate liturgical goods would be greatly appreciated. A mailing address in Miami will be provided as needed for receiving liturgical items. In the coming months, those who have donated will receive a brief report, via email, on how their donations have been used. Una Voce - Cuba has not been incorporated either in the United States or in Cuba. It is not a 501c3, and consequently you cannot deduct any donations to it from taxes due to the United States government.

Una Voce - Cuba does have a website: . Currently, it is completely in Spanish; some English additions are planned in the future.

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