Friday, April 13, 2012

SSPX Has Replied to the Reconcilliation Proposal by Rome UPDATED

The rumors are rampant that an agreement has been reached, but nothing official as yet. There are forces on both sides that do not want to see an agreement, to read the latest click here:

This Sunday (Dominica in Albis) is the deadline for the SSPX to respond to Rome about their reconcilliation. Appreantly the reply of the SSPX has been sent to the Vatican, and now we wait. The SSPX said they would say nothing and leave it up to Rome to make a public statement about what the reply says. They have said nothing whether they accept the reconcilliation or not. Please pray for the reconcilliation of the SSPX. The National Catholic Register thinks they will reconcile and that it will cause a worldwide tummult in the novus ordo world. The SSPX has one chapel in Georgia located in Roswell ( Atlanta Diocese) Click here for the details.

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