Monday, May 18, 2015


Easter Sunday Mass

The below is from Father Mc Donald pastor at Saints Josephs Church in Macon:

 After eight years of celebrating the Extraordinary Form of the Mass on a regular basis, Saint Joseph Church will move its first Sunday of the month EF High Mass at the special time of 2:00 PM to the last Sunday of the month at our normal 12:10 PM Sunday Mass.

Our 12:10 PM Mass is celebrated in the Ordinary Form but "ad orientem" for the Liturgy of the Eucharist and Holy Communion is distributed at the full length of our newly restored altar railing.

Because the orientation of this OF Mass is similar to the orientation of the EF Mass and we have been celebrating the Mass this way for four years, I feel that this congregation will not be too unsettled by the all Latin, all orientem EF Mass the last Sunday of the month.

We plan to use a bit more Latin for the OF Mass than currently, but not too much. We hope to chant the Gloria and eventually the Credo in Latin each Sunday and perhaps in a year we will strive to learn the Pater Noster for the Ordinary Form. But the OF Mass will remain primarily English.

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