Monday, January 27, 2020


Kneel, kiss candle, then priests hand, then take candle
Since the Feast of the Purification falls on a Sunday this year, we are fortunate that Candlemass will be clebrated in both the Savannah &; Atlanta Dioceses this year. In Savannah cathedral, Candlemas will be at 1:00 PM. they will have the blessing and procession. In the Atlanta Archdiocese at St Francis d Sales, the blessing of candles and procession precede the 11:30 am high mass. Bring your candles for the blessing and make sure your name is on them. When you take a candle from the priest, you kneel then you kiss the candle first then kiss the priests hand and take the candle. Your lighted candle is held during the Gospel. At home these candles are lit for prayers after dusk on All Saints Day, Extreme Unction, and during storms. These candles will be used by the priests on the following day for the blessing of throats on St Blaze's day. It is traditional to eat crepes on this day.

Savannah Diocese mass is at the cathedral: :
Atlanta Archdiocese mass is at St Francis de Sales: directions:

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Nora said...

What a nice surprise to see a picture of our Fr. John Perricone at Candlemas in Jersey City NJ while visiting a Georgia web site. Fr. Perricone has led retreats for the Charlotte NC Latin Mass community, which is how I found your blog. Deo gratias, this Mass and authentic Catholicism are growing and springing up in more and more places. God bless you!