Wednesday, June 3, 2020


All members and supporters of Una Voce please be advised that the solemn high Latin mass on the old high altar of the Atlanta cathedral has been CANCELED, with no reschedule date. This rare event was to have taken place on the Feast of the Sacred Heart June 19th. (see post below) Please help spread the word so no one will make the unnecessary trip to downtown Atlanta.


Tom said...

A new twist to Fr. Z's "brick by brick"!

acardenas4040 said...

Can you reveal why it was cancelled? And who cancelled it?

Catholic Mission said...

JUNE 7, 2020
CDF always interprets Vatican Council II with the false premise and Bishop Athanasius Schneider does not correct them

Bishop Athanasius Schneider has said that God does not will a plurality of religions for salvation yet he interprets Vatican Council II with the false premise and so the inference is that there is salvation outside the Church. There are known cases of non Catholics saved outside the Catholic Church for him.There are known cases of non Catholics saved in invincible ignorance(LG 16) and so they are exceptions to the strict interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS).So the conclusion is that God does will a plurality of religions for salvation. This is what Pope Francis has been saying all along citing Vatican Council II( interpreted with the confusion).
Bishop Schneider's conclusion is that Vatican Council II contradicts EENS.So he confirms that God wills a plurality of religions for salvation.
If he did not use the false premise( invisible cases of I.I are visible and objective exceptions to EENS),he would be affirming 16th century EENS.He would be theologically saying, citing Vatican Council II, that God does not will a plurality of religions for salvation.He would be affirming like a traditionalist, that there is exclusive salvation in only the Catholic Church.
But if there is known salvation outside the Church for Bishop Schneider then Pope Francis is correct in supporting a theology of Christian or general religious pluralism and salvation.
Unfortunately Bishop Schneider supports the Letter of the Holy Office 1949( LOHO) which wrongly assumed unknown cases of the baptism of desire ( BOD) and invincible ignorance were known and objective exceptions to Feeneyite EENS.So every one did not need to be a member of the Catholic Church for salvation.
'Therefore that one may obtain salvation it is not always required that he be incorporated into the Church actually as a member.'-Letter of the Holy Office 1949(LOHO).
LOHO is the foundation for the New Theology.Without the mix up between what is invisible-visible there is no New Theology. Invisible cases were projected as objected exceptions to EENS.Bishop Schneider does not correct the mistake.
These are points related to Vatican Council II and EENS which are never responded to by Bishop Schneider and the Lefbvrists.
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is always interpreting Vatican Council II with the false premise and Bishop Schneider does not correct them.
In Italy the judges in the secular courts interpret Vatican Council II with the false premise. They do the same at the Vatican Tribunal and Bishop Schneider remains silent.
His last book with Diane Montagna,interprets Vatican Council II with the error.Very convenient and politically correct. So I did not recommend it.
When the CDF asked the traditionalist St. Benedict Center, N.H., to interpret CCC 847-848( invincible ignorance) as an exception to Feeneyite EENS, he did not protest.
Would Bishop Schneider and the Lefbvrists be ready to say that all the non Catholics in Kazakhistan, his diocese, are oriented to Hell without faith and baptism according to Vatican Council II (AG 7) and there are no exceptions mentioned in Vatican Council II ?
I hope so.
He would of course be asking , the CDF , and Rome, to come back to the Faith.
However it seems like the traditionalists need the 'exceptions' like a man drowning in the ocean needs air.This is why there is no denial for these reports on this blog.I send these reports to Bishop Schneider at his e-mail address and also to the assistant at his website Gloria Dei.
Even the sedevacantist bishops Sanborn and Pivarunas and Fr. Anthony Cekada, for physical and material survival, need the 'exceptions'.
The traditionalists would like Rome to come back to the Faith, but on easier terms, for themselves.-Lionel Andrades

Una Voce of Atlanta said...

yes we can reveal why it was canceled, it was canceled because the archdiocese has canceled basically all activities outside of mass and confessions. The Latin Mass was the hi light of a long evening of devotions, that included adoration, benediction, a Eucharistic procession and confessions among other activities and devotions as sponsored by the Alliance of the Two Hearts. The last time this was done it attracted over 400 people.