Monday, March 22, 2021



Solemn Missa Coram Episcopo Augusta

Bishop Parkes & Father Fuks



H.E. Stephen Parkes, Bishop of Savannah, attended yesterdays mass for Passion Sunday at Most Holy Trinity in Augusta. His Excellency not only assisted at the Misa Coram Episcopo, but he preached the sermon and showed his support of the traditional Liturgy and those attached to it. The Sacred Ministers were celebrant, Father James Smith, FSSP, assistant pastor of Saint Francis de Sales Mableton Ga, deacon, Father Zachary Akers, FSSP, director of development for the FSSP in North America, and subdeacon, Rev'd Mister Doug Anderson Archdiocese of Atlanta.  Father Fuks, pastor of the parish sat in choro. A very large crowd of 300-400 attended the mass. The servers and schola were from the parish and did an outstanding and magnificent job. Additionally the organizers hard work showed, there were missals and propers of the mass for everyone and and a very nice reception followed including a blue grass band featuring Father Ackers on guitar. Please send thanks to the Bishop and to the pastor Father Fuks. This would not have happened without the enthusiastic support of the pastor. Una Voce also wishes to thank Father Michael Stinson, FSSP North American Superior for his support of this mass and finally Father Robert Dow, FSSP, pastor of Saint Francis de Sales for sending his assistant priest to celebrate the mass. The next mass will be a missa cantata tentatively scheduled for late April, when a date and time is confirmed, it will be posted. 

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