Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Most Holy Family Agusta We have more wonderful news to share with you all. We have secured donors for ALL the items we have posted, including EVERY COLOR OF VESTMENT! The items were posted on Friday and by Sunday, we had secured offers of donations and sponsorships for everything! God is good and your generosity is astounding! We are still processing the funds and ordering the items, but we hope to have all of them in hand within the next couple weeks. Over the next few weeks, we ask that you redouble your efforts in the form of prayer and fasting for this effort. Obviously if you can make financial donations, we will put them to use as we still have items to purchase. We have a Venmo QR code posted (see below post) that you can scan to send funds as well as a PayPal account at augustalatinmass@gmail.com for sending bank transfers. Of course, we can also take old fashioned checks. However, most importantly this Ember Week, we ask you to use Wednesday, Friday and Saturday to pray and fast in THANKSGIVING for His many blessings and to beseech God to continue to bless us and this effort! Deo Gratias! Our Lady of Good Success - Ora Pro Nobis! https://fssp.com/ember-days-of-lent/

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