Thursday, February 11, 2021



Our Lady Star of the Sea, Saint Mary's Georgia


More evidence that the Savannah Diocese is blessed  with a wonderful new Bishop.  H. E. Stephen Parkes, has asked his priests in the Valdosta Brunswick  Deanery to establish a Latin Mass in their deanery as a result of many of the Faithful having written the Bishop asking for one. The Bishop being a true shepherd has generously responded to the requests of the Faithful. Father Jake Almeter, pastor of Our Lady Star of the Sea has graciously responded to the Bishops request by immediately starting a Latin Mass at his parish. He anticipates that this will be a monthly mass. The first Sunday Latin Mass will be on March 14th (Laetare Sunday) at 4:00 pm It is crucial that we get a large crowd at this mass as well as all future masses. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Please thank Father Almeter for doing this. Hopefully there will be enough support to expand this to a weekly Sunday mass in the future. 

Our Lady Star of the Sea

106 East Dillingham Street

St Mary's Ga 31558

(912) 882-4718


Joseph Johnson said...

It’s actually called the Valdosta/Brunswick Deanery and there should also be a Latin Mass at St. Anthony of Padua in Ray City on Laetare Sunday at 3pm as well.

Una Voce of Atlanta said...

Joe thanks so much for the great news, we will post it. Also we are getting a mass in Augusta hopefully next month

Una Voce of Atlanta said...

Joe can you give us a contact so we can direct people in south Georgia to someone for people to talk with that want to help out with the mass, donate, usher, serve, sing etc? Thanks so much, Una Voce

Joseph Johnson said...

John, sorry for the delay. Just looked back at the comments for this post today. I have been helping to organize the Ray City Mass. I can be reached at my law office (Thomas and Johnson in Waycross) at (912) 283-5030.

Una Voce of Atlanta said...

Joe I'll post your contact phone number on the Ray City Mass announcement so folks can contact you. Father Ackers with the FSSP is here this week, he is the director of development for the FSSP. It turns out he went to college with Father Altmeter in St Mary's and they are buddies, he is in contact with him. Also the FSSP has been contacted this week by the Faithful and asked to contact the Bishop. I hope they do and can set up a future meeting. One delay I see in this is that the North American superior's term is ending very soon and a new north American superior is getting ready to take over. I doubt the outgoing boss wants to call the Bishop and then leave office. If yoiu all need anything in Ray City ask and we will work on it. I am so happy about this !!!!